Factors Associated With Psychosocial Development and Academic Success Among University Student-Athletes


  • Sheereen Harris York University
  • Corliss Bean the University of British Columbia
  • Jessica Fraser-Thomas York University


positive development, academic success, university athletes


There has been a growing focus on sport as a context to facilitate positive development among youth (Holt et al., 2017); however, little research has focused on emerging adults. The purpose of this study was to examine factors within inter-university sport that may facilitate positive developmental outcomes and higher grade point averages (GPA) within student-athletes. One hundred ninety-eight student-athletes from one of Canada’s largest universities (Mage = 20.5, 44.4% female, Myear of eligibility = 2.2) completed one questionnaire gathering information pertaining to demographics, use of academic advising, tutoring, extracurricular involvement, sport-related experiences, coaching, and positive youth development (PYD) outcomes (i.e., 5Cs of competence, confidence, connections, character, caring; Lerner et al., 2005). Student-athletes’ GPA were attained through the university’s athletic department as a measure of academic achievement. Several factors within the sport context were associated with higher PYD and GPA scores including personal and social skills, and year of eligibility.






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