Teacher Educators’ Explorations of Pedagogies that Promote Meaningful Experiences in Physical Education


  • Maura Coulter Institute of Education, Dublin City University
  • Douglas Gleddie University of Alberta
  • Richard Bowles Mary Immaculate College
  • Deirdre NiChroinin Mary Immaculate College
  • Tim Fletcher Brock University


In this research, collaborative self-study was used to examine our experiences as teacher educators who enacted a pedagogical innovation across three pre-service teacher education programs in two countries. The innovation focused on ways to promote pre-service teachers’ learning about teaching through the lens of meaningful physical education. Results show that teacher educators found it valuable to create meaningful learning environments where the role of meaningfulness was explicitly prioritized but there was varied impact in teaching for meaning in PETE because of the different contexts and the order in which the teacher educators enacted the pedagogical innovation.

Keywords: Meaningful PE; professional learning; self-study; teacher education

Author Biography

Douglas Gleddie, University of Alberta

Department of Elementary Education

Assistant Professor





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