Vol. 13 No. 3 (2023): Revue phénEPS-PHEnex Journal

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Note from Lynn Randall and Nathan Hall incoming co-editors

As the new co-editors, we first want to thank Drs. Sandra Gibbons and Pierre Boudreau for their years of service to the journal, and secondly for the countless hours they have spent with us, mentoring us both to the point where we feel we are prepared to continue their exceptional work. We also greatly appreciate the offer of future assistance if needed! We also look forward to working with Francophone editor Félix Berrigan.

We agreed to take over co-editorship of the journal because we believe in the importance of the journal for both English and French speaking Canadian academics and for what it contributes to the Physical and Health Education literature in Canada and abroad. We have both published in the journal at various points in our careers and are proud of the work that has appeared in the journal since its inception.  

To remain a respected, peer reviewed, open access journal, and to continue to maintain the breadth and quality of the material and published articles readers have come to expect, requires the assistance of experts in the field. The review process is necessary to maintain the journal’s quality. As we begin this new journey, we request that readers consider volunteering to act as reviewer and encourage their colleagues, research partners, and graduate students to volunteer as well.

We look forward to doing our part to continue the tradition of excellence readers have come to expect from the journal.


Note from Sandra Gibbons and Pierre Boudreau outgoing co-editors:

It has been a privilege to serve as co-editors for the Revue phénEPS/PHEnex Journal. We echo the comments of Nathan and Lynn regarding the important contributions the journal makes as a mechanism for sharing Physical and Health Education research in Canada and internationally.  The articles in this issue represent both a diversity of topics and approaches to research.

As we ride off into our “editorial sunset,” we wish the new co-editors the very best!


Published: 2023-11-15