Storying the PETE Experience


  • Hayley J Morrison University of Alberta
  • Douglas Gleddie University of Alberta
  • Lee Schaefer University of Saskatchewan


Using narrative inquiry as both method and phenomenon to engage pre-service teachers (PSTs) with diverse stories of physical education (PE) we explored how PSTs stories interact, resonate, and bump with others’ diverse stories. We found that having participants engage with diverse stories of PE alongside their own, enabled them to think about implementing strategies that may foster social justice in gymnasium spaces. Utilizing critical autobiographical work alongside others diverse stories of PE offers participants a way towards practically engaging with the multiplicity of stories and experiences in PE to negotiate their own stories alongside diverse narratives within their practice.

Key words: narrative inquiry; physical education teacher education; social justice.


Author Biographies

Hayley J Morrison, University of Alberta

Hayley Morrison is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta.

Douglas Gleddie, University of Alberta

Douglas Gleddie is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta.

Lee Schaefer, University of Saskatchewan

Lee Schaefer is an Associate Professor in the College of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan





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