A Review of Research on Physical Education Teacher Socialization from 2000-2012


  • Stephen Pike Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Tim Fletcher Brock University


occupational socialization, beliefs, subjective warrant, apprenticeship of observation, teacher education, induction


In this article we review research on physical education teacher socialization from 2000-2012. Much of the research prior to 2000 spoke of the prominence of a coaching orientation in new recruits, however, O’Bryant, O’Sullivan, and Raudensky (2000) were among the first to signal a shift toward teaching orientations present in new recruits and experienced teachers they studied. This shift initiated a renewed focus on physical education teacher socialization research over the last twelve years. However, since that time the research has not been synthesized. As a result, the purpose of this review is to examine: (a) the extent that research on physical education teacher socialization has documented changes in the nature of socialization since 2000; (b) why this may have occurred, and (c), implications for PETE programs, schools, and teaching physical education. Patterns are identified and based upon the analysis, recommendations are made for future research.






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