Using Youth-Driven Programs to Encourage Physical Activity in Adolescent Girls: A Preliminary Study

Tanya Forneris, Corliss N Bean, Michelle Snowden, Michelle Fortier


Research has shown that adolescent females are less active compared to males leading to a call for increased physical activity programming for female youth (Bordersen et al., 2007). However, to date, research has not incorporated the voice of youth. According to the United Nations, youth have a right to participate in society and express their views about matters concerning their lives and future (Health Canada, 2001). The purpose of this research was to explore female adolescents’ experiences related to health and physical activity. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with female youth from a local Boys and Girls Club. Four themes emerged from the data where youth provided insight as to how they perceive health, what prevents them from being active, what may motivate young females to be active, and ideas for new programming. These results have integrated into the development of a youth-led physical activity-based life skills program for female youth.


Youth Programming; Physical Activity; Female

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