Coaches Create and Sustain a Community of Practice Within a Club


  • Bettina Callary Cape Breton University


Community of Practice, coach, collaboration, trust


A Community of Practice (CoP) is a learning entity in which people are involved in ongoing interactions with others while they engage in their activities (Wenger, 1998). The purpose of this article is to explore, from the perspective of two coaching leaders within a figure skating club, how a CoP was created and sustained. Eight in-depth, open-ended interviews were conducted with the coaches. This case study paves the way to understanding that a CoP can be developed and sustained by coaches when they are in an environment where collaborative coaching and learning is the norm and where coaches entering into the system expect it.

Author Biography

Bettina Callary, Cape Breton University

Bettina Callary is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Studies, Sport and Human Kinetics at Cape Breton University






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