The Role of the CSH School Principal in Knowledge Sharing and Use


  • Erica Roberts University of Alberta
  • Kerry Bastian University of Alberta
  • John Paul Ekwaru University of Alberta
  • Paul Veugelers University of Alberta
  • Doug Gleddie University of Alberta
  • Kate Storey University of Alberta


Knowledge Exchange, Comprehensive School Health


Comprehensive School Health (CSH) is an internationally recognized framework shown to be effective in improving health-enhancing behaviours and educational outcomes. The specific implementation strategies behind CSH, however, are vague. Knowledge exchange (KE) practices are essential to ensure that implementation is evidence-informed. The principal seemingly acts as a key player within KE, yet this role remains to be examined within a CSH framework.

Through a cross-sectional examination of secondary survey data, this study set out to compare the extent of knowledge sharing and use of evaluation data by principals in both CSH schools (n=30) and other randomly selected schools throughout Alberta, Canada (n=73). Univariable logistic regression was performed and results showed that CSH principals had a statistically significant higher odds of: sharing the data overall; sharing the data outside of the school, particularly with parents; using the data in planning; as well as both sharing and using the data in general.






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