A School-Based Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program for Canadian Elementary Students


  • Lindsay Cline Brock University
  • James Mandigo Brock University
  • Panagiota Klentrou Brock University
  • Brian Roy Brock University


School Health Intervention, Prevention, Health Behaviour


The Everyone Jump Program raises awareness among elementary students about healthy eating, physical activity and type 2 diabetes prevention. The purpose of this research study was to examine whether the Everyone Jump Program met its program objectives. Participants (N = 296) completed questionnaires to assess nutrition and physical activity behaviour as well as objective physical activity measures (i.e., pedometer). Assessments occurred before and after the 8-week intervention period. Focus groups and knowledge assessments were conducted with program recipients only (n = 207). Repeated measures 2 (Program Status) x 2 (Time) MANOVAs revealed significant interaction effects for: Steps Taken and Physical Activity Time (p <  .01, eta2 = .03); Self-reported Physical Activity (p < .05, eta2 = .04); and Canada's Food Guide Knowledge (p < .05, eta2 = .02). Focus groups and knowledge assessments indicated the Everyone Jump Program fostered health literacy; however, only physical activity program objectives were met.






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