A School-Based Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program for Canadian Elementary Students

Lindsay Cline, James Mandigo, Panagiota Klentrou, Brian Roy


The Everyone Jump Program raises awareness among elementary students about healthy eating, physical activity and type 2 diabetes prevention. The purpose of this research study was to examine whether the Everyone Jump Program met its program objectives. Participants (N = 296) completed questionnaires to assess nutrition and physical activity behaviour as well as objective physical activity measures (i.e., pedometer). Assessments occurred before and after the 8-week intervention period. Focus groups and knowledge assessments were conducted with program recipients only (n = 207). Repeated measures 2 (Program Status) x 2 (Time) MANOVAs revealed significant interaction effects for: Steps Taken and Physical Activity Time (p <  .01, eta2 = .03); Self-reported Physical Activity (p < .05, eta2 = .04); and Canada's Food Guide Knowledge (p < .05, eta2 = .02). Focus groups and knowledge assessments indicated the Everyone Jump Program fostered health literacy; however, only physical activity program objectives were met.


School Health Intervention, Prevention, Health Behaviour

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