Using a Community of Practice Approach to Support Daily Physical Activity Implementation in Elementary Classrooms

Christine Marie Lee, Sandra L. Gibbons, Patti-Jean Naylor


Although daily physical activity (DPA) has been shown to be effective, elementary school teachers face barriers in their efforts to implement DPA. The aim of this study was to explore the use of a Communities of Practice approach to enhance regular professional dialogue and planning around DPA and peer-to-peer coaching to increase the implementation of DPA within schools. Ten elementary school teachers, skilled in the implementation of DPA volunteered to take part in the Community of Practice. Data were collected through focus group interviews with the DPA leaders, teacher feedback, and participant observations and tracking. Results indicated that time constraints affected both the DPA leaders’ participation in the Community of Practice and their subsequent peer-to-peer coaching. Results also highlight the necessity for a training and support structure to enhance peer-to-peer sharing, and a system of leadership and accountability for implementation if daily physical activity in schools is to be effective.


Daily Physical Activity; Implementation, School-based; Community of Practice; Peer-to-Peer Coaching; Elementary Classrooms

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