Autobiographical educative narratives of movement and physical education: The beginning of a journey

Douglas L Gleddie, Lee Schaefer


In this paper we speak the transcendental nature of both mis-educative and educative experiences in physical education. We use autobiographical narrative inquiry to examine the temporality, place and sociality of our own diverse ‘educative’ movement experiences as children, students, and physical education teachers. Through this inquiry we reflect on how these past ‘educative’ experiences have shaped our pedagogies as physical education teacher educators. We speak to the tension involved in realizing that our own stories fit neatly into the dominant stories of physical education and also to how this inquiry process helped us to begin to think more deeply about the stories on the margin. We also begin to wonder about the implications of this type of reflective, autobiographical narrative inquiry work for pre-service teachers.


physical education; narrative inquiry; story; movement; education

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