4Vitality Kettle Bell Training: Fostering Physical Resurgence amongst the Urban Indigenous Community Members


  • Tricia Dawn McGuire-Adams University of Ottawa
  • Ryan Jeffrey Adams


Cultural, Social, Pedagogical


In this commentary we describe our vision of 4Vitality Kettle Bell Training.  We then briefly discuss colonization as it relates to the current health disparities between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people.  It is our belief that we can challenge these effects of colonialism by regenerating our physicality. We then explain how having access to community physical activity activities, such as 4Vitality offered through the Odawa Native Friendship Centre, for example, can provide sites for physical regeneration.  Finally, we offer recommendations based on our program’s success that may assist others who wish to build a physical activity program in their community. 

Author Biographies

Tricia Dawn McGuire-Adams, University of Ottawa

PhD. Student, School of Human Kinetics

Ryan Jeffrey Adams

Master of Arts Degree (Awarded in 2009), Indigenous Governance, University of Victoria






Focus and Viewpoint / Point de mire et Point de vue