Revue phénEPS-PHEnex Journal Special Issue -Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Call for Submissions for Special Issue focused on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

Revue phénEPS-PHEnex Journal and Physical and Health Education Research Council

Guest Editors: Lauren Sulz (University of Alberta) and Daniel B. Robinson (St. Francis Xavier University)

Together, Revue phénEPS-PHEnex Journal and the Physical and Health Education Research Council are inviting manuscripts for a special themed issue that will focus upon EDI in physical and health education, and/or its related disciplines—such as physical education teacher education, physical activity, dance, recreation, leisure studies, health, and wellness. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts that explicitly address practices, issues, and/or possibilities related to EDI. For example, submitted manuscripts might address or introduce the following sorts of topics (these are examples only):

• How physical and health education marginalizes and/or others students from a particular group or with a particular identity,

• Indigenization and/or decolonization efforts or possibilities within physical education or physical education teacher education,

• Inclusion models and practices related to school sport and students with disabilities, 

• Measurement (including physical literacy assessments) in physical and health education that is equitable and respectful of a diverse group of students, and

• School sport and physical education spaces that are (un)safe for LGBTQ+ students.

Manuscripts will be accepted in both English and French.

Revue phénEPS-PHEnex Journal publishes empirical, theoretical, or methodological research, and position papers, as well as reviews and critical essays by Canadian and International authors. Research methodologies may be quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method and may use data gathered through historical analysis, surveys, fieldwork, action research, participant observation, content analysis, simulations, or experience. Articles most appropriate for Revue phénEPS-PHEnex Journal focus on pedagogical, social, cultural, philosophical, psychological, historical, sociological or management issues in physical and health education and/or its related disciplines.

Manuscripts should be 5000-7000 words, excluding references (Times New Roman 12-point font) and formatted according to APA 7th edition style guidelines. All submissions should include: abstract of not more than 100 words, biography of author(s), and a blinded copy for review.

Manuscripts should be submitted on the Revue phénEPS-PHEnex Journal website ( no later than February 28, 2022. Authors should indicate in their accompanying letter to the editor that they wish for their manuscript to be considered for publication in the EDI Special Issue. The anticipated publication date is Fall, 2022.

Questions may be directed to Lauren Sulz at and/or Daniel B. Robinson at

* If a manuscript is accepted, Indigenous authors will be invited to submit a translated manuscript, in an Indigenous language—to be published alongside the English or French version