The Importance of Fundamental Movement Skill Proficiency for Physical Activity in Elementary School Age Females

Emily Bremer, Meghann Lloyd


This study examined the relationship between fundamental motor skills and physical activity in 6-9 year old females (n=25). Motor proficiency was assessed with the Test of Gross Motor Development-2 and physical activity was measured for 7 days with time-stamped pedometers. Participants took an average of 10573.4 steps per day and had motor skills that were below what would be expected for their age. Locomotor skills were positively associated with physical activity during the weekday (r=.487, p=.013) and during the after-school period of 3-6pm (r=.431, p=.032). Given the results, physical education teachers should capitalize on the school day, as well as after-school programming, as a time to improve both the motor skills and physical activity levels of young female students in order to lay the foundation for an active, healthy life.


fundamental motor skills; physical activity; females; physical education; afterschool

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