Vol 3, No 2 (2011)


Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor / Note de la Redactrice

"A Work in Progress" PDF
Ellen Singleton

Feature Articles / Articles de fond

Aboriginal Youth and Their Experiences in Physical Education: “This is What You’ve Taught Me” PDF
Joannie M. Halas
Manifestations of Critical Thinking in Health and Physical Education Teachers: An Examination of Three Case Studies PDF
Georges Kpazai, Marie-France Daniel, Attiklémé Kossivi
Teaching Games with Inner Sense: Exploring Movement Consciousness in Women's Volleyball PDF
Rebecca J. Lloyd
Team Pentathlon – Promoting Physical Activity Among Children and Adolescents PDF
Denis Martel, Jocelyn Gagnon, Luc Nadeau, Valérie Michaud, Paul Godbout
School-based Physical Activity Opportunities: Perceptions of Elementary School Parents, Teachers, and Administrators PDF
Gregory Rickwood, Viviene Temple, John Meldrum
Pre-Service Physical Education Teachers’ Implementation of “TGfU Tennis”: Assessing Elementary Students’ Game Play Using the GPAI PDF
Daniel B. Robinson, Andrew Foran
Implementing Comprehensive School Health: Teachers’ Perceptions of the Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating in Schools - APPLE Schools PDF
Kate E. Storey, Hilde Spitters, Ceara Cunningham, Marg Schwartz, Paul J. Veugelers
School Health Education Curricula in Canada: A Critical Analysis PDF
Chunlei Lu, Chris McLean

Reviews and News/ Avis et Communiqués

Let's Play! Promoting Active Playgrounds by Jane Watkinson PDF
Helena Baert
Sport, Theory and Social Problems: A Critical Introduction by Eric Anderson PDF
Michael Kehler

Research Note / Note de recherche

Fit to Teach Physical Education? PDF
Kimberly B Simpson, Patricia Tucker, Melissa M. van Zandvoort

Abstracts / Résumés

Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Abstracts PDF
Catherine Casey

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